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You now have access to the following:

  • Your Self Development Journal
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  • The Quaternion Profile Modules including supporting materials.

The Quaternion Profile Development Modules

Each Quaternion Profile Module comprises:

  • A Workbook
  • One or more explanatory Development Videos
  • One or more Greatables (tools, templates, guides, and/or other supporting material).

There are two ways for you to access the Development Modules:

  • Pathways tab– Here you can access them in the sequence released; the order of perceived importance to management and leadership success
  • Profile tab – Here you can access them using the structure of the Quaternion Profile, the competency model that underpins all the development modules.

Each month you will gain access to the next Development Module, released in order of priority. For Development Modules still to be released to you, you will have access to their definitions including the specific behaviors that they encompass.

The Quaternion Profile

The Quaternion Profile was derived from over 40 years observation and study of managerial and leadership behavior; international experience in senior line and HR roles; and statistical analysis of assessments of people-managers’ behaviors.

It places higher importance on the specificity and clarity of definitions of what good people-management looks like, than on the need for simplicity and mere tag-line descriptions.

The Quaternion Profile is composed of four dimensions, each with 13 Competencies, each of which are defined by four behaviors

Release Sequence

The Quaternion Profile Development Modules are released to subscribers in the order of perceived priority. This is based primarily on international research into what organizations see as the greatest development needs of contemporary managers and leaders. We also take into account our Subscribers views and you can complete a survey here to express your views:

Click here to express your view on the relative priority of each Development Module.